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Tara is an amazing healer!  Intuitive, gentle and supportive, I feel comfortable and safe every time I see her.  She works quietly and effectively, helping my body to relax and incorporate the work easily.  Myofacial work is a powerful healing tool and Tara is a fabulous and dedicated practitioner.

~M.F., Sandpoint

Tara is an intuitive and compassionate therapist. She is very skilled at Myofascial Release and can intuitively recognize and connect with your body. She has a wonderful gift for healing. Her treatments bring a feeling of connectedness and inner peace. She has helped me realize I have the wisdom to help my body heal itself. I have had a truly restorative body work experience and I recommend Tara's services to anyone looking for this type of body work.

~N.K., Sandpoint

I can highly recommend Tara Clemons for myofascial release bodywork.  I went to see Tara with a very painful arthritic  shoulder.  At the time I was barely able to drive due to the pain and stiffness in my left shoulder.  After just one treatment my pain decreased by 80%.  I am now able to drive and move my shoulder without pain.  My mobility did not improve due to the extensive joint damage; however, I am able to function pain free now.  Her treatments also released stiffness in my back that had caused me to walk in a slightly bent posture.  She intuitively worked with me in a gentle, relaxing way that always left me feeling better.  Tara is a caring, warm person who I immediately felt at ease with.

Tara is also a trained occupational therapist.  She was able to teach me techniques that helped me with my day to day struggles.  Tara also gave me exercises to do at home that helped strengthen my arms, back and shoulders.  Her training as an OT complemented the myofascial release bodywork in a way that provided me with practical, long lasting help.  I can highly recommend Tara to anyone who has pain of any kind and to anyone who wants to improve their overall well-being.

~L.L., Sandpoint

Tara's Myofascial Therapy has helped to greatly reduce pain in my hip due to a ski fall. While I still have some pain, progress continues, and I can look forward to being pain-free. Tara is experienced and uniquely sensitive to all the areas that need attention. She is insightful and has facilitated greater awareness of the mond-body relationship. I have been skiing for over 50 years, including more than 25 seasons as a professional ski instructor and patroller. And, now this year, I have had the best performance of my life. Tara's work has helped make this possible.

~R.W., Sandpoint

I have been working with Tara Clemons, O.T. for about one month for myofascial adhesions. This has been a chronic problem for several decades. I have been to several physical therapists, over the years. They all helped me stretch and strengthen, but I could only go so far, and the adhesions stopped any further stretch and caused more pain. After about 8 sessions, Tara has taught me breathing techniques that has created an improved sense of well-being. I feel more balanced and energized. The exercises I am doing have started to stabilize and strengthen my core. Her hands-on approach has already lessened the tightness in the area most affected by the adhesions. The pain is reduced, helping my ability to move more freely. Tara has a warm and inviting personality. She focuses therapy to your individual needs and capabilities. Her hands-on therapy is truly healing. I am thankful I was introduced to her.

~D.F., Sandpoint

I fully recommend the services of Tara. Her extraordinary skills in myofascial release and breathwork have provided me with a better understanding of my body and its needs. Tara has treated me for nearly a year now, and she has given me the skills to help me overcome my aches and pains of every day life. She provides a caring, warm environment in her sessions. Her knowledgeable and intuitive treatments allow me to relax and let go of those frequent, pesky problematic twinges that have sidelined me in the past. Tara has a powerful understanding of body mechanics and the ability to find a way to provide relief while instilling confidence in her clients. I can highly recommend Tara to anyone who has chronic pain and wants to improve their quality of life.

~D.M., Sandpoint

Tara is such a dedicated and personalble therapist.  She truly cares about me as a patient and dedicates herself to my path to wellness. I appreciate that the therapy is not stand-alone. Tara provides self-care practices to do at home. She explains that healing is a process, and invests in teaching a change in lifestyle and mindfulness, which is key to healing.  I am so grateful I found her therapy practice and consider myself a life-long client. Myofascial Release was a new experience for me. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, because it was so gentle.  By calming my mind and allowing my body to release trauma I was holding in my tissues, I could then experience relief in places that had hurt for so long; until then I wasn't aware that I could ever experience that type of healing! 

~K.K., Sandpoint

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